Orthologix pediatric specialists have undergone education and training specific to the unique needs of children. These practitioners are required to maintain the highest level of continuing education to target areas of pediatric care. Participating in research and development and case studies and partnering with renowned physicians and medical professionals throughout the world, our pediatric orthotists and prosthetists are leaders in the latest methods and technologies in pediatric orthotic and prosthetic care.

Orthologix is a recognized clinic of the Association of Children's Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics (ACPOC).

Paige Szwech

Nine-year-old Paige Szwech was just a few hours old when it was discovered she was different.  An especially observant NICU nurse identified that Paige, born at 36 weeks gestation, had something going on with her tiny, six-pound self. That something was VACTERAL Association, a rare disorder that affects multiple body systems, including the vertebrae, anus, trachea and esophagus, kidneys, and limbs. She eventually had surgery to attach her esophagus to her stomach and has had additional surgeries to treat other aspects of her diagnosis.

Now a Bensalem fourth grader, Paige’s differences have never been a big deal for her family, which includes mom, Christine, dad, Doug, and now 12-year-old brother, Adam. Paige’s extended family includes the team at Orthologix, an orthotics and prosthetics practice that provides comprehensive, evidence-based care throughout the Delaware Valley.

Paige has been working with Mr. John (Izak, CPO), and Mr. Kevin (Loughry, CO), of the Orthologix team since she was 5. The family was referred to Orthologix by her physical therapist after a series of misadventures with other orthotics firms. They met for the first time when Mr. John came to one of Paige’s PT appointments and, according to Christine, this time the difference was with someone else!

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