Orthotic Technology

ORTHOLOGIX® provides custom made and custom fitted orthoses, as required by the patient's condition and in accordance with a physician's prescription. We work closely with the rehabilitation team, physical therapists, and physicians to ensure appropriate fit, function, and care of our devices.

Prosthetic Technology

Prosthetic devices differ vastly and require specialized training to assess the appropriateness of each component, to ensure proper fit, function, and to achieve optimum mobility. By working with you and your specialists, Orthologix prosthetists help you achieve your prosthetic goals.

Gioanna Marie Romano

The first day of school for any high school student is exciting yet somewhat mundane. For 17-year-old Gioanna Marie Romano, the first day of high school was an amazing milestone some thought she might never reach.

June 27, 2010, was a busy Sunday for Gioanna and her mom, Elizabeth. Errands and preparing for a family pool party brought them to a shopping center and a parking lot and a moment that changed their lives permanently.

A confused elderly driver hit Gioanna twice - throwing her into the air and then pinning her body against a wall. Her injuries were severe: her left leg severed above the knee, serious skin, tissue, and muscle damage to her right leg, a broken pelvis, tailbone and extremely critical internal injuries. According to her mom, Gioanna 'coded' multiple times that first night and the doctors worked hard to "put her back together."

And they succeeded.

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Denny Chipollini

Amputee Denny Chipollini can easily run 25-30 miles a week and has competed in marathons and triathlons. But even for this experienced runner, age 55, there are still "firsts" that occur, and Sunday, April 19, held the latest. Denny, a fitness and lifestyle trainer and motivational speaker, ran the Valley Forge Revolutionary 5-Mile Run in Valley Forge, Pa., wearing a new prosthesis he acquired through Orthologix, his race sponsor.

The exceptionally good fit of the prosthesis meant Denny didn't need to stop during the race for adjustments. Previously, while running a race, Denny would need at least one pit-stop for leg comfort, adding minutes to his race time. On Sunday, he ran the 5-mile race without stopping.

He completed the race in 44 minutes and 36 seconds, beating the average race time of 45 minutes and .08 seconds. Denny, the only amputee in the race, came in 474th out of 1,097 finishers, and placed 15th in his age group.

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Angad Patheja

For the first time in 20 years, Angad Patheja is able to use "fingers" for assistance in daily activities thanks to the technological advancements in upper limb prosthetics from Touch Bionics, designers of the i-LIMB™ Pulse. Patheja was fitted with the i-LIMB Pulse by his Orthologix prosthetist.

The i-LIMB Pulse offers the use of five fingers to bend and move, unlike previous myoelectric devices that could only open and close. These grip options support almost all daily activities, including holding a fork, picking up a coin, turning a key in a lock, operating computer keyboards, and inserting a disc into a CD or DVD player, to name just a few. The inclusion of a thumb that can, like the human thumb, be rotated into different positions enables grip configurations, many of which have not been available to amputees before.

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