The E-MAG knee joint system offers wearers increased stability when standing. It features an electronically controlled lock activated by a small remote control to provide absolute stability in the stance phase. The lock is activated with the touch of a button, allowing the wearer to support themselves with both arms and stand safely at all times. The E-MAG's special feedback system also informs the wearer when the joint is opening. (Website)

Innovative Neurotronics WalkAide

WalkAide utilizes revolutionary Myo-Orthotics Technology to increase mobility, functionality and independence for patients experiencing Dropfoot, a condition caused by weakness or paralysis of the muscles that lift the front part of the foot. This device combines electrical stimulation with traditional bracing to restore the functionality of an impaired limb by recreating a natural nerve-to-muscle response.

Ottobock WalkOn™ AFO

The WalkOn™ lower leg orthosis for patients with weak dorsiflexion helps raise the foot while the leg swings through forward. This prevents the foot from bending downwards, which causes the forefoot to drag during swing phase. The more efficient gait pattern reduces the risk of tripping or falling while improving the security of walking with a varied cadence. The orthosis is light and slim so that it fits inconspicuously under clothes. (Website)

Pro-Tech International Spinal Bracing

Pro-Tech specializes in custom-fabricated spinal and lower limb orthotics, including AFOs and crowboots and orthoses for idiopathic scoliosis, pediatric neuromuscular, trauma, and similar applications. (Website)


Ultraflex provides custom designed upper and lower extremity brace systems to meet the special bracing needs of patients with cerebral palsy, CVA (stroke), traumatic brain injury, total knee replacement, limb loss, extremity burns, arthritis, ligament reconstruction, post fracture reduction, spastic or hypertonic limbs and other diagnoses. (Website)

WREX - Wilmington Robotic Exoskeleton

WREX an advanced orthosis used to enhance movement of upper extremities for people with neuromuscular disabilities. It benefits wearers with a variety of muscle diseases by assisting in activities of daily living and is used as an exercise and therapy device for people recovering from stroke. Its elastic band elevation assists for both the shoulder and elbow to totally eliminate gravity's influence on the extremity. A unique shoulder and elbow joint design allows for improved range of motion surpassing that of other assistive devices. (Website)




Lower Extremity

Upper Extremity


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