Orthologix provides veterinary orthotics and prosthetics in a professional and compassionate manner.

Our practitioners have years of experience in helping companion animals, animal athletes, and pets achieve the highest outcomes and improve mobility. We work with your veterinarian to develop the most appropriate solution to meeting your animal's needs. With advancements in veterinary orthotic and prosthetic technology, animals can live happy and productive lives.


Ferdinand, our canine patient, was born without a fully developed front left leg. As a puppy, missing the limb didn't hinder his mobility. But as the 140 lbs. Cane Corso Mastiff continued to grow, the missing limb proved to be a problem and his original owner considered putting him down because of this disability.

Nina, his current owner, stepped in and saved Ferdi's life! A health care professional in the Delaware Valley, she asked a coworker if he thought there were prosthetics made for dogs. The coworker referred Nina to Ed Moran, CPO, at Orthologix.

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Hind Limb

Front Limb


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