The SureStep Dynamic Stabilizing System uses compression to improve foot positioning for children with pronation. The extremely thin and flexible plastic orthosis is tightened around the foot and the soft tissue is compressed resulting in midline positioning. The device encourages natural development of balance, muscles, and motor skills because trimlines enhanced freedom of movement. Nine simple measurements provide all the necessary information to create the model of the foot and ankle for SureStep’s custom fabricating. Casting is not required. (Website)

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Cascade DAFO

Cascade Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis (DAFO®) provides support to help a patient maintain a foot/ankle position, encourage mobility, and improve stability. The thin, flexible materials and contoured design wrap around the foot and provide easier sensation and alignment in a guided range. (Website)

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DRAFO™ Dynamic - Response - Ankle Foot Orthosis

DRAFO™ Dynamic - Response - Ankle Foot Orthosis is a total-contact orthosis design that provides relief and flexibility over bony prominences. Its flexible heel offers superior proprioceptive feedback at heel strike, initiates the first rocker at heel strike, and reduces tendo-calcaneal pressure for the wearer. The low profile orthosis is easy to don, doff, and adjust and fits within the current shoe size. (Website)

Orthomerica TC3 AFOs

TC Flex™ TC3 articulating foot orthoses are custom molded to stabilize the structures of the foot and ankle complex and allow the wearer to utilize current and potential muscle capabilities. Made from thin and flexible thermoplastic materials, midline stability is provided by the orthoses helps guide the lower extremities into more normalized alignment and improves ambulation and functioning skills. (Website)

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The KiddieGAIT™ from Allard USA is a lightweight AFO, which doesn’t lock up ankles and allows feet to move in a more fluid and natural biomechanical gait pattern. KiddieGAIT™ can be applied to pediatric patients with footdrop, MMC, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, spina bifida, low tone crouch gait, toe-walker with no midfoot collapse, and gait deviation secondary to proprioceptive deficit. (Website)

Pro-Tech International Spinal Bracing

Pro-Tech specializes in custom-fabricated spinal and lower limb orthotics, including AFOs and crowboots and orthoses for idiopathic scoliosis, pediatric neuromuscular, trauma, and similar applications. (Website)

The Cheneau Brace

The Cheneau brace is a three-dimensional correctional brace that has significant pressure and expansion areas built into the brace, which provides correction in all three anatomical planes. The Cheneau brace takes 15 different curvature patterns into consideration, which de-rotates the body much better through the longitudinal axis, rather than other braces. The main benefit of the Cheneau brace is the unique and highly effective biomechanical design tailored specifically to the patient. Successful treatment with the brace is based on targeted and consistent implementation. The biomechanical design of the brace implements physiotherapeutic exercises and uses curvature-specific modules based on the Schroth Method. (Website)

STARband™ Cranial Remolding Orthosis

The STARband from Orthomerica is a custom cranial remolding orthosis used to treat deformational plagiocephaly, brachycephaly, and other head shape deformities in infants 3-18 months of age. STARbands can be fabricated from a positive modified cast, unmodified cast, or a scan of the infant’s head using specialized scanning equipment. The device provides total contact over the prominent areas of the skull and leaves a void over the flattened areas to facilitate more normal skull symmetry. (Website)


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