Ottobock’s 3R38 is the smallest single axis children’s modular knee joint. It has an adjustable extension assist to provide additional security. For weights up to 99 lbs. (Website)

Total Knee® Junior

Ossur’s Total Knee® Junior is made of lightweight, extremely durable aluminum, and weighs only 0.745 lb. The inventor was Finn Gramnas, who was inspired by his six-year-old daughter struggling to walk without falling while wearing a heavy and clumsy prosthesis. He invented the Geometric Locking system that offers extra security and stability, even on hills, which is achieved through the knee’s seven-axis polycentric design. Only two-thirds the size of the award-winning Total Knee, it has all the important features, plus color. Designed for children weighing up to 100 lbs. (Website)

MightyMite® 4-Bar Knee

Fillauer-Hosmer MightyMite® 4-Bar Knee. Small-sized, stable polycentric componentry withstands the high impact activity of an older child weighing up to 132 lbs. without incurring the bulk and weight of adult parts. Ideal for those playing sports. (Website)


The College Park TruPer® foot is a multi-axial, dynamic-response foot made specifically for pediatric patients. It can be fitted to children as young as 3 years old. The TruPer also incorporates a foot shell with a split toe so children can wear shoes and sandals of their choice. (Website)

Flex-Foot® Junior

Ossur’s Flex-Foot® Junior provides energy return for youngsters weighing 33-100 lbs. The CarbonX Active Heel® stores energy and absorbs shock loads, and the carbon fiber layering technique of the toe is specifically designed to offer the support and flexibility needed for the varied movements of children. The foot shell features a sandal toe shape. (Website)

Child’s Play® Foot

The Seattle Systems Child’s Play® Foot has a dynamic response Delrin keel, which offers shock absorption and a smooth rollover for a natural gait. Its sculpted cosmesis varies by size to reflect the natural appearance of a child’s maturing foot. The Child’s PlayFoot is appropriate for all lower limb pediatric amputees, including Symes. It is available in sizes for body weights up to 144 lbs., and in darker skin tones. (Website)

System Hand

Ottobock’s System Hand can be fit to a child as young as 9 years old. It has a flexible outer covering and is available in the mechanical or passive style. The passive style is unique in that it can be opened with the sound side and closes under spring tension to hold objects.

System Electric Hand, size 7

A new System Electric Hand, size 7, from Ottobock for adolescent and small-framed adults is perfect for the active child due to its rugged design and adult function. It is available in myoelectric Digital Twin or Dynamic Mode Control.

Mechanical Hand

The Steeper mechanical hand is the smallest and can be fit to a child as young as 1 year old. It has a positive lock for carrying objects and adjustable grip force. (Website)

VASI Electric Hands

The VASI series of electric hands, which can be myoelectricly controlled, are known for their quality and reliability, have been designed for limb-deficient children from infants up to age 11. The hands are aesthetic and lightweight, yet can withstand the rigors of child play because of injection molded construction techniques. (Website)


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